3 month Performance Nutrition Project

When Jason teamed up with the elite young athletes at the 

Young Norfolk Sports Academy (YNSA) 

The athletes compete in a variety of different sporting disciplines. The aim of the project was to measure dietary intake (across different days) to set targets that would promote and develop the nutritional knowledge and practices of the elite young athletes.

Over the 3 months, multiple 1-2-1 consultations were conducted for monitoring and evaluation purposes. Other methods were used along side consultations. 

The athletes' parents were included in all correspondence to help embed targets set and to promote the efficacy of the project.   

This was the first time this project has been offered to elite young athletes at the YNSA. I am proud to have delivered it, and with how much the athletes engaged with the project. 

Here’s what some the athletes had to say...

Performance Nutritionist for Young Norfo

Pole Vault Athlete

''I have learnt a lot about my nutrition from Jason. This project has taught me to take a large step away from eating to not be hungry, to eating foods that are nutritious, and that fuel me for training and competition much better than my previous diet did. Having my mum involved in the project and seeing the regular communication via the whatsapp group really helped me stay on track. I feel like I definitely understand how important my nutrition is, as it has really helped me with my energy levels. I’d rate the experience a 9/10. I really appreciated all of the health and energy benefits. Thank you very much for helping me these last 3 months Jason!''

Performance Nutritionist for Young Norfo

300m Hurdles Runner

''Taking part in the project has helped me to reduce snacking on less nutritious foods and instead eat something more nutritious, for example fruit or vegetables. I also am more hydrated as I am drinking more water, which is helping me to feel healthier in general. I had my mum helping and encouraging me to complete the targets that Jason set me. I also sent photo evidence to Jason every Sunday to show him what I was doing throughout the week to improve my dietary intake. This helped hold me to account with my targets. I am now more interested in eating food that will promote my athletic performance and will help me train to the best of my ability. I have particularly liked eating more vegetables as it mentally and physically made me feel healthier and it was also nice to try a variety of different vegetables. I am scoring the project an 8/10 - thank you very much Jason for the help you have given me over the last couple of months!!''

Performance Nutritionist for Young Norfo

Hurdles Sprinter

''I would say I’m more energised physically and mentally due to the healthier eating. Especially with the higher intake of water, I have felt more awake and refreshed for training or competing. I’ve also found myself getting stronger due to a higher fruit and veg intake and better post workout snacks. I’ve been working with the targets Jason set for a while now and it is quickly becoming part of my everyday life and is a routine to me, so it definitely won’t be difficult carrying it on as I now know the benefits it brings.


Having Jason encourage me and check in on me helped a lot as I saw it as more focused goal. I’m definitely more interested in nutrition now because I hadn’t realised before how much of an impact it can have on how I feel and how it impacted my performance. Now I know what impact it can have I find myself wanting to look more into it and how I can fully improve my lifestyle and performance just by eating healthier.


I have really liked the protein yoghurts Jason recommended as my post workout snack. They’re actually very filling - I’m not low in energy or extremely hungry if I am between sessions, so these are a great option. I also love yoghurt, so I’ll definitely be continuing this - thanks Jason! I am scoring the project a 9.5/10. I have found it extremely beneficial and informative. 

Thank you again for all your help and support the last 3 months Jason!''

Performance Nutritionist for Young Norfo

Triple Jump Athlete

''I definitely feel more awake and more alert since following Jason recommendations. I especially found that increasing my water intake has significantly increased my concentration levels and decreased feelings of tiredness. I now appreciate how much effort it takes to change old habits to new ones. Being held accountable by Jason has helped a lot with keeping me focussed. I am now more interested in the link between food intake and its impact on health & performance. I can now use my knowledge for training and more importantly competitions to ensure I am competing at my optimum capacity. I now want to make sure that I continue my three goals that were set by Jason, so that the habits are definitely set into my lifestyle. With the efforts I have made the last 3 months, I will make sure I do not go back to old habits. Im scoring the project an 8.5/10. Sometimes it was challenging but overall it has been a very valuable and engaging experience. Thank you so much Jason for this experience.''

Performance Nutritionist for Young Norfo

Cross Country Endurance Runner

''Drinking more water has made me feel healthier, stronger and more energetic when I run. Eating more sources of vitamin D have also made me feel healthier. My mum cooks the majority of my food, who also held me accountable for my goals, and also made sure to incorporate lots of vegetables/ sources of vitamin D into my meals – this made it more achievable to meet the targets Jason set. I am more interested in my food choices, particularly the pre and post workout snacks and meals, as I want to be able to get the most out of my training by eating well before and after.


My favourite suggestion was the increase in water intake, because it was my weakest point and has had the biggest impact on how I feel while training and during everyday life. The project helped kickstart me into actually doing something about this. I would rate the project 10/10 as it has been very useful in allowing me to track my progress, making sure I was being held accountable for my goals. Thank you for your help Jason!''

Test. Analyse. Assess. Review. Monitor. Reflect.

👨🏻‍💻These are some of the 🔑 steps involved in the performance nutrition coaching I offer.
📄The stats shared with you here are from an athlete I recently worked with (consent was provided).
📉The numbers you see, show progress and success in achieving pre-determined physiological changes.
👨🏻‍💻What the numbers don’t show you, are what the athlete demonstrated, committed to and achieved whilst working towards the final outcome. 


Below is a list of examples of what the athlete achieved on top of reaching her main objective:
✅Buy in: the athlete bought into the 3 month journey from the minute we started our initial consultation.
✅Expectations: the athlete knew what was expected from them and importantly, from me as the practitioner.
✅Trusted the science: in addition to asking MANY questions, they trusted the science and evidence-based advice that was given to them.
✅Action: they made the effort and took time to learn new skills in the kitchen by cooking nutritious and tailored meals, savoury and sweet, to suit their needs, lifestyle and family requirements.
✅Assessed, monitored and tracked progress: multiple methods were used to increase validity and reliability of the progress.
✅Took time to reflect: understood the importance and power of reflection. Engaged in critical discussions to understand actions and outcomes. Learning about behaviour and processes.
✅Learnt and executed nutritional strategies to maximise outcomes.
✅Learnt how to eat intuitively, to enjoy food and managing dietary intake so its fun but reflects key outcomes.
✅Averaged a weekly weight loss of 0.44kg p/wk for 8 weeks.
✅Achieved a 10km PB during week 12.

Important take homes:
✅Your progression/development with nutrition and exercise goes far beyond the number on the scales or stats on graphs.
✅Tracking, monitoring + evaluating your processes and actions is important to understand how you develop and grow.
✅If you are going to work with a professional, make sure they are registered and licensed to do so. Find one who actively engages with the literature and who will be your biggest cheerleader.
✅Be ready for change, to work hard and to invest in yourself; commit to the process and trust your practitioner.

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