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Blog 7: ''Failure doesn't mean you've failed...'' let me explain.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I had a great conversation/reflection this week with a client athlete.

It was one of those discussions that really made me love what I do - not only because I allowed them to come at a problem from a different angle and feel better about it, but they reminded me about a few things, which allowed me to reflect on a few things.


It was about being goal orientated. Why are we doing what we're doing? Are we doing what we're doing the sake of it or is there something we want to do/complete/achieve with this new success? e.g. train to compete. But what do we do when we're trying to manipulate our body composition....there are so many reasons for this.


Then we got to think about the effort we’re putting in, in order to help us achieve what we’re doing to reach out goal. .

The real question was, ‘’how will you feel getting to the start line knowing you haven’t given everything in training?’’

. I read something recently (It was in Will Smith’s new book actually, Will). It was about working towards a goal and preparation for that goal, but the twist was, you knew the likely outcome was always going to be failure....

. Would you start in the first place?


Assuming you do start, because we know you’re not that person who gives up without a fight, right!? . The journey to the start line requires hard work, commitment and probably lots of sacrifice. .

Do you: A) give training your all anyway and get to the start line knowing you grafted and put the hard work in?


B) give the training 50%, but then have to live with yourself and go through the mind battle of knowing you only gave it 50%...


'Failure doesn’t always mean failed, not when you know you haven’t failed yourself.'

. The reality is, most of the time we don’t know the outcome, but if we’re setting realistic goals, ones we know are achievable, by regularly reviewing and monitoring our progress, we know we can (and will) improve. . The same rules apply in everything you do, but in this particular discussion with my client athlete, it was about nutrition.


The daily efforts matter, they add up and they count.


Even if you don't know what the exact outcome is yet, keep going. Don't give up. Give it 100%, monitor your progress and have fun doing it. . HNY everyone! (First blog of 2022! wahoo!)

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