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Blog 8: The Importance of Advanced Planning… it’s not rocket science.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Time, after time, after time, after time… (you get where I’m already going with this, right!?) the response is, ‘’yeah, I didn’t have enough food’’, ‘’I wasn’t fully prepared’’, ‘’I didn’t prepare in advance’’, ‘’my dog ate it…’’ The advantage in getting the advanced prep done is the avoidance of those unforeseen barriers, obstacles, challenges that you didn’t quite expect to happen. Those barriers are usually called ‘life’ and guess what: they’re ALWAYS going to happen. When was the last time a day went 100% your way by winging it? It was a long time ago, eh!? But how often do those days go your way after spending 5, 10, 15 mins in the kitchen, getting sh*t prepared for the next day? You know I’m right. Now, PLEASE, PLEASE do not tell me you cannot spare 15-minute in the kitchen each night, (or the morning) preparing that pre-training snack, that post-exercise meal or that breakfast smoothie etc. Don’t! Our days run more smoothie (😉😂) if we spend that little extra time to get the prep done. Our body language, tone of voice, attitude and how we present ourselves, changes when we know things are taken care of. But importantly, we’re able to support our recovery, fuel key sessions, promote energy balance and stay hydrated! So, my challenge to you is, yes, get the prep done. If you know you’re not a morning person, do it the night before. ‘’I don’t have time the night before’’ you keep repeating… please show me your screen time or your Netflix and sweet FA schedule for this week… hmmm. Chuck a banana and/or apple, Soreen bar and yoghurt pouch in a small lunch box/bag each evening. Make a batch of vegetable soup on Sunday night and whilst that is cooking, make a sandwich for your post-training meal the next day. Set out your gym clothes for the next morning, load the washing and then tick off your habits for the day. Get sh*t done. Set reminders in your phone. Just because you’re a grown adult setting reminders doesn’t mean you’re failing! Set them, set them to repeat, daily, and action them every day for at least 2 months. Thank me later.

Do. The. Prep.

Feel your recovery get better.

See your performance improve.

Talk soon. J

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