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There is often a lot of misleading information and poor guidance when it comes to nutrition, promoting a healthy lifestyle, how best to recover from exercise and knowing who to trust and invest your time and money with. My aim to to bridge the gap between theory and practice. I am to cater to your individual needs whilst adopting an evidence-based approach. Whether your goals are weight loss/gain, weight management, managing energy balance, managing a specific dietary condition, or looking to make marginal gains with your exercise performance, I can offer you a variety of comprehensive and tailored services that meet your individual needs. 

If you have any questions regarding the services below or on how to create your personalised performance package, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Nutrition Pathways

This service offers two clear pathways. Whether you’re looking to: make adjustments to your body composition; improve energy balance; promote overall health; improve relationship with food; get a better understanding  on how to fuel for training and performance; reduce the risk of injuries or help rehabilitate an injury or make marginals performance gains; there is a pathway for you. Please see the options below for more information.

Both pathways are for all ages and abilities. If you have a body and you’re looking to set a nutrition or exercise goals (or a combination of the two) to achieve a specific sport/fitness or health related goal, we can hopefully work together.

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Amateur Nutrition Pathway
Performance Nutrition Pathway

£95.00 p/m

  • Full access to *SENPRO software:

    • Access to over 100 recipes

    • Access to body metrics.

    • Access to a comprehensive food planner

    • Private messenger.

    • Personalised habit tracker: reviewed and updated weekly

    • Access to consultation notes: unlimited.

  • Advice and guidance around safe supplement use plus the provision of personalised supplement resource protocols: unlimited

  • Weekly performance nutrition notes to reflect weekly training plans e.g. inputting training schedule on SENPRO to receive periodised performance notes, food examples, food timings, food quantities for health, training and competition. *Note: training plans/sessions must include the following information: time, intensity (RPE scale, HR zones or VO2max), thresholds, environment, duration and objective of the training session(s): weekly

  • Personalised macronutrient targets to reflect health and performance: weekly

  • Tailored performance nutrition plans for injury prehabilitation/rehabilitation: unlimited

  • Be held accountable for actions and decision-making related to your dietary practices: unlimited

  • 1 x monthly 1hr check-in (via Zoom, FaceTime, or audio call).

  • WhatsApp contact: Monday to Thursday (0800-1600). Contact time also provided on event weekends. (replies within 12hrs).


*For more information on SENPRO, please see attached slide show, below.

£195.00 p/m

  • Full access to *SENPRO software.

    • Access to over 100 recipes

    • Access to body metrics.

    • Access to a comprehensive food planner

    • Private messenger.

    • Personalised habit tracker: reviewed and updated weekly

    • Access to consultation notes: unlimited

    • Receive weekly practical food-first recommendations regarding pre, during and post-exercise fuelling/refuelling.

    • Be held accountable for actions and decision-making related to your dietary practices: weekly

    • Advice and guidance on safe supplement use: weekly

    • Personalised macronutrient targets: weekly

  • 1 x monthly 30 minute check-in (via Zoom, FaceTime, or audio call)

  • WhatsApp contact:  Tuesdays & Thursdays only (replies within 12hrs)

*For more information on SENPRO, please see attached slide show, below.


Club/Team Performance Nutritionist

As your team/clubs performance nutritionist, I can conduct 1-2-1 assessments to identify individual strengths and areas for improvement of players dietary practices to developing evidence-based content that aims to enhance both health and performance. 


My approach to working with athletes looks at educating athlete/players on their personalised dietary practices to be able to work independently on their own performance nutrition. 

Services can include:

  • Personalised nutrition plans for injury rehabilitation

  • Content development e.g. personalised team/club blogs; pre, inter or post competition 1-2-1 fuelling/refuelling, webinar delivery, WhatsApp contact, 1-2-1 check-ins, sports injury management 

  • Match day attendance e.g. pre, inter and post-game fuelling/refuelling

  • Cooking workshops: face to face or via zoom.


*Prices may vary. Please contact me for further information.

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7 Day Dietary Analysis

This service aims to explore your current dietary practices via the completion of a food & training diary. The comprehensive analysis will use a software called SENPRO to help identify strengths and areas for improvement(s) regarding your dietary practices.


The analysis will be assessed against health and performance evidence based research. The results will support the development of personalised evidence-based feedback to begin promoting both your health and performance objectives.

Service includes:​

  • Analysis of key contributors.

  • Identification of current strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Food diary assessed against current training schedule.

  • Full report emailed to you on completion of the follow-up consult (see template below).

  • 60 minute follow-up consult to discuss results and next steps.

  • Fee: £175.00 per 7 day dietary assessment.

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Body Composition: Skinfold & Ultra-sound Assessment

This assessment is conducted by Jason to get an understanding of what your body fat percentage is. This assessment is carried out to inform Jason's practice to help tailor and personalise your nutrition. 


The skinfold assessment includes a range of measurements taken from multiple landmarks of the body. These measurements include:

1. 8 skinfold measurements

2. 7 girth and breadth measurements

3. Height & weight

The ultrasound scan also includes measurements taken from multiple landmarks on the body. This is assessment is less invasive in comparison to the skin fold assessment. This assessment also provides statistics on your lean muscle mass and your hydration status.

It is recommended that this assessment be conducted every 2-4 weeks to closely monitor changes.

The assessment will take 30-45 minutes.

Fee: £55.00 per assessment

Once you are signed up to one of my membership plans and your SENPRO account is activated, we can record and store all your metrics via SENPRO (see left figure below). Additionally, if you have an ultrasound scan, you will be provided with an electronic report (see middle figure below).  

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Event Support

This unique and incredibly rewarding service can provide much more than just on the day event support. This service can provide psychological support, personalised 'on-the-day' nutrition advice, remove thinking time on your behalf to engage your focus on the task at hand to give you that extra edge over other athletes. Event support is designed to suit the characteristics of your event and the support you require. For more information on this service, please get in touch. 
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Performance Nutrition Content Development

Services can include:

  • Blog writing

  • School content e.g. position statements for adolescent athletes

  • Personalised nutrition content for fitness, health and/or exercise professionals programmes

  • Guest speaking

  • Cooking workshops: currently offered remotely via Zoom


I welcome invitations to collaborate with registered Sport, Exercise and Health professionals e.g. Certified Personal Trainers, and Registered: Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiologists & Psychologists.

Please see some examples below of personalised performance nutrition content I have developed for school departments/sports teams, magazines and sports academies.


*Prices will vary. Please contact me for further information.

Image 14-11-2023 at 12.09 (1)
Image 14-11-2023 at 12.08
Image 14-11-2023 at 12.09
Image 14-11-2023 at 12.09
Image 14-11-2023 at 12.10
Personalised Performance Nutrition Travel Guide for a jet-setting athlete
Performance Nutrition Training Guide for the Mallorca 312 - in Collaboration with RideHarder
Football - Personalised Match Day Plan
Hockey - Personalised Hockey Tournament Fuelling
Magazine Article
Blog Writing
15 Week School Human Performance Project
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Corporate Consultancy

 Services can include:

  • Delivery of sports nutrition webinars

  • 1-2-1 consultations

  • Individual target/goal setting

  • Access to comprehensive performance nutrition software (SENPRO).

*Prices will vary. Please contact me for further information

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