A bit about me.

I graduated with a Masters in Sport & Exercise Nutrition in 2015. Soon after, I became a registered graduate performance nutritionist (MSc, SENr Grad). Since founding Jason Fligg Sport & Exercise Performance in 2016, I have worked with a range of athletes, at elite and amateur level, helping them to achieve major and incremental performance gains by educating them in how to improve their dietary intakes. As well as practicing performance nutrition, I am also a qualified Personal Trainer, L3 Sports Massage Therapist and a qualified teacher. I left my lecturing role in 2010 after lecturing for 6 years in Sport and Exercise Science and Health Studies to pursue my practitioner role full-time.


As well as supporting athletes in many disciplines, I am also a keen athlete. In 2019, I completed: triathlons, Duathlons, sportive (including Norfolk HSBC 100 and Prudential Ride London 100) and in 2019 I completed my first Ironman in Lanzarote. I am currently adjusting to a new way of life and training after welcoming my daughter into the world in January 2020.

After working as a Graduate Registrant with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register since 2017, I have just been accepted as a Practitioner Registrant in February 2021. 

My ethos and what I aim to bring to the table.

There is a lot of misleading and poor guidance when it comes to sports nutrition. I aim to bridge the gap between knowing (often not knowing) and doing, by catering to your individual objectives. Whether your dietary goals are body composition focussed; to manage your diet better; develop a healthy relationship with food; or to enhance your performance, I can offer you a comprehensive and evidence-informed service that will meet your individual needs. For more information on how I can help you, please head over to my services tab.

What does an overview of our time together look like and what is included in the nutrition coaching?

Upon completion of the initial consultation period and undergoing necessary assessments, our nutrition coaching journey will start, and we will immediately begin with implementing SMART targets. The nutrition coaching period includes many aspects that supplement your development and will vary depending on the coaching package you purchase. Contact between you (the athlete) and myself (the practitioner) is conducted through private platforms. Our time working together will focus on setting and working towards new targets and monitoring them each week to promote accountability and to help support behaviour change. 

How long will we work together?

There is no set time limit on how long we will work together. This will depend on your learning ability, the time and capacity you have to invest in yourself, your performance goal and how much you want to achieve. Our time together is a long-term investment in your health, performance and your nutritional knowledge.

What are my expectations?

My aim is to work with individuals who are:

  • Open to learning and investing in the long-term game.

  • Individuals who are engaging with physical activity and who may be working towards a specific health/sporting objective e.g. your first 5km run, a marathon or your first or 10th Ironman!

  • To work with individual who are ready to listen, ready to be coached and ready to achieve their goal.

If any of the above content resonates with you, whether you’ve been putting off improving your nutrition for a while and wondering when the right time is…. the answer is now.


It's time for change, I’m ready when you are.

Ironman Lanzarote 2019