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All my services are running. I am still operating services using COVID guidelines e.g. please wear a mask on arrival and throughout your appointment at my home clinic. Hand sanitiser will be available. Thank you for your continued support & cooperation - I look forward to working with you!



My ethos and what I aim to bring to the table.


There is a lot of misleading and poor guidance when it comes to sports nutrition. I aim to bridge the gap between knowing (often not knowing) and doing, by catering to your individual objectives. Whether your dietary goals are body composition focussed; to manage your diet better; develop a healthy relationship with food; or to enhance your performance, I can offer you a comprehensive and evidence-informed service that will meet your individual needs. For more information on how I can help you, please head over to my services tab.


What does an overview of our time together look like and what is included in the nutrition coaching?

Upon completion of the initial consultation and undergoing necessary assessments e.g. dietary analysis, our nutrition coaching journey will begin, where we will immediately begin implementing SMART targets. The nutrition coaching period includes many aspects that supplement your development and will vary depending on the coaching package you purchase. Contact between you & I is conducted through private platforms e.g. SENPRO or WhatsApp. Our time working together will focus on setting and working towards new targets and monitoring them each week to promote accountability and to help support behaviour change. 




How long will we work together?

Ultimately, there is no set time limit on how long we will work together. This will depend on your learning ability, the time and capacity you have to invest in yourself, your performance goal and how much you want to achieve. My personal training and nutrition services run in 12 week blocks. We review each block 1-2 weeks before finishing to determine next steps. 

Think of our time together as a long-term investment in your well-being, health and performance.

What are my expectations?

My aim is to work with individuals who are:

  • Open to learning and investing in themselves, long-term.

  • Engaging in physical activity and/or working towards a specific health/sporting objective.

  • Ready to listen, ready to be coached and ready to achieve their goal.

If any of the above resonates with you, I'd like to hear from you.


It's time for change. I’m ready when you are.

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