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This page includes many frequently asked questions from past athletes who have enquired about my services, prices and my ways of working before signing up. If the below questions do not answer all your initial questions, please feel free to contact me via the 'contact tab'

What does a typical package look like for a new athlete and what fees are involved?

Step 1:

All new athletes will start with a 1hr initial consultation. This allows us to get to know one another, discuss many aspects of your life e.g. occupation, family history, past and present dietary practices, upbringing, stress, sleep & training. 

Step 2:

The next steps is to review your current dietary practices. This involves completing a 7 day food & training diary. Most athletes complete a standard log. A comprehensive is only ever encouraged if you're concerned about deficiencies, energy availability or those who are keen to have specific figures. The food & training log is then analysed by myself and is followed up with a full report and 30min consultation. This stage determine where we begin our nutrition coaching (step 3).

Step 3:

The nutrition coaching begins on the day of our follow up consult regarding your dietary analysis results. Initial habit/targets will be set on SENPRO and depending on whether you have signed up to the amateur of performance package, you will begin to receive tailored (weekly) performance nutrition notes around your training plan via SENPRO (performance package), or general recommendations and guidance on fuelling, pre, intra and post exercise (amateur package). 


Packages can range between £410 - £655

*Fees based on a 3 month package only.

**Prices will vary depending on services chosen. 

***There is an additional £35 one-off payment sign-up fee to SENPRO for all new athletes when signing up to their first 3 months.

Why do I need a dietary analysis?

From trial and error of delivery my services since starting my business 5 years ago, completing a dietary analysis in the initial stages of us working together can increase the amount you gain (long-term) from the nutrition coaching.


The dietary analysis identifies immediate strengths and areas for improvement with your current dietary habits and behaviours. This then allows us to prioritise targets too begin working towards your short and long-term goals.


By completing a dietary analysis, I can also identify pre, intra and post-exercise fuelling/refuelling strategies, hydration practices, potential deficiencies, the consideration for supplements, energy balance, and themes e.g. whether food might used as an emotional response due to work, life or sleep, for example. It might also show relationships/themes/trends on how you are managing your food around a menstrual cycle. 

What is nutrition coaching and what does the coaching involve?

My immediate response this questions is ALWAYS - have you checked out my service page on my website yet?


So if you haven't yet done this..... PLEASE check out my service page and scroll down to 'Nutrition Coaching'. Lol!


My only advisory for when deciding which coaching plan is best for you, is to consider how much support you need. The performance coaching is obviously more in price because it offers more. 

Generally, the coaching will allow you to be held accountable. Might sound a little scary but isn't this what you need/what you've been looking for?

I will monitor your progress.

We will reflect on your progress, together.

I will challenge you on actions, decision making and thinking. 

You will put the wheels in motion and execute your targets. 

I will CONTINUE to monitor your progress...right to the end.

Our time working together will allow us to form a good working relationship. My goal is for us to work as a team to achieve your personal goals and objectives. I'm proud to say that I have established amazing working relationships and friendships with many athletes that have started working with me and I hope this continues!

How long do we work together?

You might have already picked up by now (from previous answers above) - my packages run init 3 month blocks.

Why 3 months? This is the minimal amount of time/commitment I expect from you to begin working towards your goals. I want you to show me and yourself that you're ready to invest in yourself and that you're ready for change. Cheesy, I know, but this is really important.


It means you're more likely to commit more to your actions. Likely to learn more, and likely to get more out of me. You'll be more motivated to progress forward and it is these characteristics that help bring about change and success.

Please be aware, depending on what your goal is will depend on whether you reach it in the time we work together. For example, if you're looking to lose 3 stone in 3 months with me - this isn't going to happen, not with me anyway. It goes against all I believe in, how I was trained and generally, it is ethically wrong and not safe weight loss. 


What I can assure is, you will learn a lot from me in 3 months (maybe not everything you need to achieve your goal) that could set the foundations for helping you continue your journey, independently, in the future.


I have many athletes initially sign up to 9-12 months because they know the support they need, the goal they're working towards and the help they require from me to achieve it. You might find that after 3 months, you want to want to renew and go again for another 3 months. I am working with clients 2 years down the line because they continue to compete and continue to find their weekly performance nutrition notes invaluable!

Can you help me with weight loss?


Same rules apply within the answer to the question above, I don't do drastic weight loss plans that compromise your health or performance. 

We can discuss how much weight you would like to lose. What type of weight you would like to lose i.e. muscle vs fat mass, and how we are going to go about doing this in a realistic time frame.

I have worked with many athletes all different age group and from a range if disciplines who have made adjustments to their body composition e.g. fat mass loss, lean tissue gains. 

The goal is to do this safely, using regular monitoring techniques, and whilst consuming a diet that provides plenty of nourishment, nutrient rich foods, but importantly, also brings enjoyment. 

It is also important to mention, I always ask my athletes who wish to make body composition changes i.e. weight loss - 'are you ready to make these changes?' and 'is now the right time to do this?'. For example, we have to take into consideration your performance, time of year e.g. pre-season, mid-season, life events etc. Body composition changes take a lot of adherence, consistent effort and discipline - you should be in the right mindset to do this before embarking on this journey. 

Do you do gift vouchers?


I'd be happy to sort this out for you. In the past I have mostly done this for sports massage appointments however, I'd be happy to sort this for any of my services. please contact me via the 'contact' tab to arrange this. 

Can you help me with sports massage, personal training and nutrition?


I have may athletes that I currently work with who I support with sports massage, personal training and performance nutrition.

When I asked all of them why they like to use me for all three services, there responses were similar - ''If anything needs identifying, you can intervene and action straight away e.g. a reduction in range of movement, tight muscle, or low energy levels.'' or ''I don't have the faff of getting three different practitioners to communicate to one another - you do it all and remove a lot of confusion and effort!''

I'm competing/racing in 1-3 weeks, can you help me?

Most of the time, it's a solid no. sometimes depends.

if you're an elite, well experienced athlete looking for some minor tweaks/advice on a few things to change with performance nutrition for a race or to trial in training - a one off consult can be hugely beneficial. 

If you're an amateur athlete, looking to do your first Ironman race in 3 weeks time and want me to assess your nutrition and trial some things with you before race day, it's a no from me. In this instance, I expect at least 3 months notice so we can assess, and trial some strategies in training well ahead of race day to ensure we meet race day with a plan that has been well trialled in training. 

Similar to the above comment, occasionally, a few 1-1 consultations can be helpful to a few athletes weeks out from a race/competition but this is rare.

Do you do meal plans?

Meal plans? No.

Performance nutrition notes? Yes.


What's the difference?


Meal plans suggest I would create a weekly or fortnightly meal plan for you to stick to relgiously in order for you to achieve your goals....this is NOT real life and after the 2 week plan as finished, where does this leave you? Repeating the plan or asking me to develop another 2 weeks which will cost you more?

The performance nutrition notes is much better, in my professional opinion. You get these in the performance coaching package. It involves providing you with tailored nutrition notes i.e. recommendations on pre, intra- post-exercise fuelling/refuelling, hydration strategies, supplement protocols, and practical food first suggestions for snacks, fluids and meals for specific timings. 


We then get to review my suggestions/recommendations in weekly check-ins forms where you reflect on your week. I can review your daily habit tracker to see how things are going your end and we discuss this all more in-depth during your monthly 1hr video call.

The performance nutrition notes allows opportunities for you to ask questions, to have time to learn about what works for YOU, what doesn't work for YOU. This, in the long-term, creates a better chance for you to confidently and independently manage your own nutrition as you continue to move forward without me.

Can I cancel half way through?

The short answer, it depends, and this is to be decided by me. You will need to sign a consent form agreeing to this before we begin working together.


The important message here is, I want the best for you. If you feel you aren't getting what you want from me and would like to move on or use a different practitioner, that is absolutely fine and of course, I can help you find an alternative practitioner. However, although your reason for with drawing is very much respected, this business is still my lively hood. The final decision to discontinuing at any point of signing up to a 3 month block will always be mine.

Therefore, I ask that you take your time to commit to a 3 month block before committing to me and paying. It is also important to mention that I am a committed practitioner. I love to learn about what I do, about my ways of working and of course how you learn and like to work. I ask for feedback regularly throughout my coaching through weekly check-ins. So there are opportunities, regularly, to address concerns/queries throughout the 3 months.

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