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Nutella Rice Cakes


250g Arborio Rice (Uncooked)
100g Nutella

500ml of water


Cook rice with water until the water has been completely absorbed and you're left with a mash potato mix (bring to boil and then simmer)

2. Once the water is fully absorbed - mix in the Nutella.

3. Add the mixture to a baking tray or alternatively, some use an extra large sandwich bag - compress down.

4. keep in the fridge until hardened.
5. Cut into 12 even pieces and wrap using 50/50 baking paper/foil

Per piece: 21g carbohydrates / 2.9g fat / 1.9g protein 

                                            Practitioner comments:
''Leave your ' I don't have time' excuses at the door, with this 15 minute, start to finish, simple and tasty, sausage and egg Shakshouka. This high protein, high fibre dish, will leave you suprised with just how simple it was to make. A perfect meal for those busier days, or when you just can't be bothered. A meal perfect for 1 (giving you plenty of leftovers for meals the following day) or for a typical family of 4. I am convinced this will be another winner. Enjoy!''


Sausage & Egg Shakshouka

5 Ingredients:

1. 1 pack of low fat sausages (choice)
2. 1 tin of tomatoes

3. 1 tin of baked beans

4. 1 bag of spinach

5. 1 egg (per person)

Seasoning: garlic granules, salt, pepper


1. Cook off the sausages in a frying pan: once brown cut up into 4-5 mouth-sized pieces.

2. Add the tomatoes and beans and mix well.

3. Add the seasoning of choice.

4. Leave to simmer for 5 mins.

5. Add the bag of spinach and mix well.

6. Create a few in saucepan and crack in the eggs - leave to cook for 2-3 mins.
7. Serve up and enjoy!

Protein-rich Lemon Cheesecake

Adapted from Anita Bean's Vegetarian Athlete's Cookbook

                                            Practitioner comments:

''This cheesecake is a personal favourite of mine. Many more flavours can be experimented with this type of cheesecake e.g. blueberry, salted caramel and orange. The high protein content of this cheesecake makes it a great post-workout meal/snack to help with recovery. Depending on what ingredients you choose and the size of your slice will depend on how much protein you get. To increase protein content and for extra flavour, why not serve up with 0% fat free greek yoghurt and a handful of fresh berries?
I know you will enjoy this one - you can thank me later!''

Sticky Chicken

                                            Practitioner comments:

''Mmm sticky chicken....I can just taste it seriously, I'm eating some leftovers whilst writing this, lol. Serious note, this meal is so tasty and can be whipped up quickly, with little prep and little fuss. Mostly about prepping like a boss and bunging it in the oven. I recommend this meal as a nourishing post exercise dish. Packed with complete proteins from the chicken, accompanied by the sweet taste of umm, sweet potato wedges ;-) and a side portion of micronutrient goodness e.g. seasoned mediterranean vegetables, you're on to a winner. A great all rounder dish and if you make extra, you can enjoy the next day too.

Give it a go and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Enjoy!''





                                          Practitioner comments:

''After a recent conversation with an athlete regarding a newly released energy/protein bar, similar to the flavour in the video, it got my creative juices flowing so I took down some notes and got in the kitchen. The result, homemade, deliciously sweet and packed with energy - white chocolate and salted peanut protein bars. You don't get as much protein per bar as the one this recipe was inspired from, but the taste is incredible and believe me - these won't hurt the bank nearly as much!

I recommend that you freeze them once made and get out a few mins before consuming. Serve up with low kcal (or high ;-)) ice cream or greek yoghurt to increase protein intake to support muscle protein synthesis. 

Give it a go and remember to leave a comment to let me know what you think using the feedback tab. Enjoy!''

White Chocolate & Salted Peanut Protein Bars


Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

                                          Practitioner comments:


''The key to this recipe is patience. Removing it from the microwave too early will leave it undercooked and runny, and too long will leave you with rock cake! When adding the ingredients, mix well to remove all lumps. Check on the mixture regularly. If you need additional protein to meet individual requirements, why not serve up with a tbsp of greek yoghurt.

Perfect to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings and doubling up as a pre-sleep/post-exercise recovery feed.''

Ingredients​ & Instructions

Add to mug:

  • 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder

  • 1/4 cup of milk

  • 1 egg

  • ½ tsp of baking powder

  • 1 tsp of  cacao powder


Stir in all ingredients with a fork until the mixture is smooth


Microwave for 45s then (optional) add 1 small piece of chocolate to top or push to middle fo the mug 


Microwave for a further 15-20s

Remove from microwave and either flip and place on a plate or consume contents from the mug. 

Serve with 1 tbsp of Greek yoghurt if more protein is needed.



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